One Week Until 34C3!

Only one week is left until my first trip to Leipzig, Germany, where I will attend the 34th Chaos Communication Congress (a.k.a. 34C3)!

Things I am looking forward to:

During the conference, I will be staying with some really cool guys: xdavidhu, deantonius, spacehuhn and seytonic. We will be hosting our own assembly - SCHINFO; be sure to pass by and say hello!

At our assembly, we will be presenting some of our personal projects (see below) and a group project we have been working on: the WiFi Satellite - 14 wifi packet monitoring boards held by a 3D printed satellite-looking holder.

34C3 Flyer

I will also be participating in the 34C3 CTF event with my new Capture The Flag team: BanterHunter. Moreover, I have signed up as a volunteer and will try to help out the conference in any way possible. If you are also attending 34C3, be sure to sign up too. Remember, the conference is entirely dependent on volunteers.

I am joyfully anticipating meeting you guys there!