Here are some projects I have been working on during my free time. Feel free to contact me at nikolaskam{at}gmail{dot}com. I would be glad to hear about issues, comments or any other sort of feedback.



Loud matches your photos with the perfect caption quotes for your next social media post. Simply upload or select a photo and you will be presented with quotes that stand out and that actually suit the contents of your image! (More Here)



dcipher-cli is a tool which cracks hashes using online rainbow & lookup table attack services, right from the terminal. (More Here)



caesar-cli is a tool which breaks rotational letter substitution (ROT) encoded text, right from the terminal. (More Here) is a minimal service to detect which cryptocurrency an address corresponds to. (More Here)


Donations - A Responsive Donations Template for your Projects

Donations is a reusable template to help support your open-source projects. (More Here)


Movies For Hackers - A Curated List of Movies for Hackers

Movies For Hackers is a curated list of carefully selected movies every hacker & cyberpunk must watch. (More Here)


Terminals Are Sexy - A Curated List for CLI Lovers

Terminals Are Sexy is a curated list of of Terminal frameworks, plugins & resources for terminal lovers. (More Here)


KickThemOut - Kick Devices Off Your Network

KickThemOut is a tool which kicks devices out of your network and allows you to enjoy all bandwidth for yourself. It lets you select specific or all devices and ARP spoof them off your local area network. (More Here)

Read my latest post on KickThemOut: KickThemOut v2.0! 🎉


ONIOFF - Onion URL Inspector

ONIOFF is a simple tool - written in pure python - for inspecting Deep Web URLs (or onions). It takes specified onion links and returns their current status along with the site's title. (More Here)


DyMerge - Dynamic Dictionary Merger

DyMerge is a tool which takes given wordlists and merges them into one dynamic dictionary that can then be used as ammunition for a successful dictionary based attack. (More Here)

Read my latest post on DyMerge: Why DyMerge Sucks

More ideas... More coming.